What is fotellα?

fotellα shares event photos instantly. Just tap the camera button on fotellα.com. fotellα requires no app, no friend list, no hash tag and no email; save a photo, and it's shared with everyone at your event. fotellα is perfect for weddings, games, concerts, or any event where you want to gather everyone's pictures together instantly.

How does fotellα work?

fotellαs are photos tied to geo and time data, so they're self-organizing. You see all the photos taken in your time and place, so everyone at your event instantly shares photos. fotellα is the fastest way to share, and the easiest way to gather all the photos from your event.

How can I search for fotellαs?

Tap on the search button (magnifying glass). Choose a date on the calendar, and type in the name of a town. Tap the search icon to see the most recent fotellαs taken in your area.

How can I sort fotellαs?

Tap the sort buton (the Up/Down arrows), and choose Relevance (the default), Date, Distance, Views and Favorites.

How much does fotellα cost?

fotellα is free to use.

How do I upload a photo to fotellα that I have already taken?

To upload a photos to fotellα.com from your computer:

  1. Go to fotella.com
  2. Click on the camera button.
  3. Choose the photo to upload.

Your photo will be uploaded to fotellα.


fotellα requires access to your computer or phone's GPS in order to function.

See GPS help for more details.

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